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Asbestos in in plastic parts?

Geplaatst: 11 dec 2018 09:47
door Ruska Jubileum
Hi everybody!
My name ist Christian and I have a Ruska Buggy. Somebody made me concerned about the possibility of asbestos being in the polymer parts of the housing. I did not find any hints about this online. Maybe one of you can give a hint if that is true or not...
Have a good day!

Re: Asbestos in in plastic parts?

Geplaatst: 13 dec 2018 22:57
door 64 Notch
Hi Christian. As you might know asbestos was used as an isolation material. Mostly in residential use. As it has been banned for that use, glass fibre was an alternative material used. That can explain some foaks tell u that your tub might contain asbestos.
The most known beach buggy tubs are made out of a polymer resin and fibre glass as binding material.
I don't think you should be concerned that your Buggy tub containes asbestos.
Although glass fibre is a manmade fibre, you should take caution working with it. Whear a breathing protection and eye protection.

Re: Asbestos in in plastic parts?

Geplaatst: 14 dec 2018 08:32
door Ruska Jubileum
Hi 64 notch!
Thank you for your feedback.
Best regards,